Welcome to the d3 public relations blog

This is our first post, cialis and every week we will use this blog to publish handy web design and public relations tools/tips and trends to help businesses connect with customers. We will also share success stories, order insights and lessons learned from helping our clients overcome hurdles and headaches.

d3 public relations (d3pr) provides affordable web design, public relations and web application services that get clients noticed. The d3 in our name stands for “develop, design and deliver”–which are the steps we take to make sure our clients are seen and heard.

We also help our clients succeed by providing database solutions to help them track who their customers are, what products/services are being sold, employee information, accounts payable/receivable and much more.

As far as agencies go, we do things a bit differently than most because we integrate public relations techniques into all our services. Art and creativity are also a big part of everything we do. Whether it’s a new website, computer application or public relations advice, we take time to learn about a client’s audience, and then create innovative strategies and eye-catching tools/products that deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Giving back to the community is hugely important to d3pr as well. I am very excited by the mandate of our entertainment and lifestyle programming operations to produce content to help Canadians live better lives. The first topic we are tackling is obesity and overweight. Currently, we are producing a new, online fitness competition designed to encourage people to think and go about exercise in a new way. We hope to launch the competition online in early 2015, so stay tuned for that. The campaign will be lots of fun and show off d3pr’s artistic and creative flare.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit the rest of the website, please take a moment to look around.

You can also follow us on Twitter, @d3pr.

Next week, the blog will provide tips for creating websites that gets noticed.

Peter Dolphin
Public Relations Advisor and Web/ Applications Developer

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the d3 public relations blog

  1. Anahata

    I came across your website after doing a Google search for a web design company. The look and feel of your site is incredible and I am inspired by your potential to build a great site for my company.

    1. d3pr Post author

      Thank you for visiting the d3pr website and taking the time to give us your feedback, Anahata. Our approach to creating websites that get found online is to work closely with clients to gather all the requirements, then create and customize design samples that convey the look-and-feel you have in mind. On top of that what, we guarantee our websites will be accessible on mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss.


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