About Us

d3 public relations (d3pr) was created to support public education and science research about Sexercise and combine it with traditional storytelling to create health and lifestyle content for web, mobile and social media platforms.

Sexercise is an active lifestyle that provides ways for couples to combine sex and exercise with healthy food choices to keep fit, have fun and maintain happiness.

d3pr owns and operates Love2Lose - our premiere lifestyle brand that conducts research and public education about Sexercise, including lifestyle content and workout videos for couples.

We focus our core strengths to provide public relations, editorial, marketing and web application support services for Love2Lose to ensure our sexy brand is seen and heard. Our multidisciplinary team of sexology, psychology, fitness and nutrition consultants analyze science and public relations research to understand the overweight epidemic, what motivates people who want to lose a few extra pounds and how Sexercise can make it fun and easy for people achieve a healthy, active lifestyle that addresses the current global overweight epidemic.

Every day we support the Love2Lose brand by collaborating with media, academics, scientists and healthcare providers to take sex out of the bedroom and make it part of a conversation about the Sexercise lifestyle.

To learn more about d3pr, read our story and company profile.