Our Story

Sex and exercise make us the happiest.

Researchers in the UK have found that making love, intimacy, sports, running and exercise top the list of activities that make us feel the most happy.

Sex has been scientifically shown to be exercise that burns between 69 to 100 calories in a half hour. It is more fun than exercise outside the bedroom and sex can count as another workout option in a couple's fitness plan for a healthy lifestyle.

What if you could combine sex and exercise to keep fit, have fun, and be happy?

d3 public relations (d3pr) explores that burning question by supporting research and public education about Sexercise.

Sexercise is an active lifestyle that provides ways for couples to combine sex and exercise with healthy food choices to keep fit, have fun and maintain happiness.

Love2Lose is our premiere lifestyle brand which conducts research and public education about Sexercise, including the production of lifestyle content and workout videos for couples.

At d3pr, our mission is to build a reputable multimedia company that creates consumer-friendly products and services based on collaborative Sexercise science research.