Company Profile

d3 public relations (d3pr) is a start-up multimedia company that supports science research about Sexercise as a weight management tool using traditional storytelling to deliver public education and health/lifestyle content on digital platforms and help Canadians live better lives.

The d3 in our name stands for ?develop, design and deliver? -- which are the steps we take to conduct research and development (R&D) and create web applications that support collaboration between scientists, study participants and consumers. Our digital properties serve as platforms for distributing health and lifestyle content, along with products and services designed to help people achieve an active lifestyle that addresses the current global overweight epidemic.

Our mission is to build a reputable multimedia company that creates consumer-friendly products and services based on collaborative science research about Sexercise.

d3pr provides public relations, marketing and web application support services for Love2Lose ? our premiere lifestyle brand that produces Sexercise content and workout videos for couples.

Our operations are focused on the following:


d3pr delivers premium content to audiences through online and mobile devices.

Our portfolio includes love2lose.com, a digital platform that publishes human-interest stories, health news, special reports and public education resources about Sexercise.

love2lose.com will also support future Sexercise research collaboration between scientists, study participants and consumers.

Science Research

Sex has been empericallly shown to burn calories, but can Sexercise result in weight loss?

Our science team believes Sexercise may help with weight management and we will be conducting a research study to test this hypothesis.

We have work to do, and will soon begin developing partnerships to fund and start this innovative research.

The love2lose.com website will support research collaboration between scientists, study participants and consumers by providing secure data collection, analysis and reporting, along with public education makes it easy for people to understand the science of Sexercise.

Marketing Public Relations

d3pr provides marketing and public relations support for our Love2Lose brand and its digital platform and science research projects.

We create campaigns to increase awareness and understanding of Sexercise as a fun and easy way for people to reach their fitness goals and achieve a healthy, active lifestyle that addresses the current overweight epidemic in North America.

Video production, editorial services and social media support are also provided to produce Sexercise content and support marketing public relations activities.

Web Application Development

The content management system (CMS) that publishes love2lose.com is proprietary software created by d3 public relations.

love2lose.com delivers informative, interactive, engaging and entertaining Sexercise content every day.

Our team developed a scalable CMS to provide encrypted data collection, analysis and reporting for Sexercise science research. The system contains powerful content publishing tools and payment gateway integration for secure credit card transactions for subscription memberships.

d3pr provides continuous IT enhancements for love2lose.com, d3pr.ca and the d3pr WordPress blog.