Our Brand

Love2Lose is our premiere health and wellness brand.

The Love2Lose brand conducts science research and public education about Sexercise.

Sexercise is an active lifestyle that provides ways for couples to combine sex and exercise with healthy food choices to keep fit, have fun and maintain happiness.

Love2Lose is for people who get the most happiness from sex and exercise. Unlike most of the competition, we don't focus on numbers on a scale. Love2Lose is about happiness and having fun on the path to an active lifestyle that supports successful weight management.

We are optimistic and supportive and don?t use words like "exercise", "diet" or "porn".

Our Sexercise products, services and public education are featured on love2lose.com

love2lose.com is not an adult entertainment website. A variety of Sexercise news, special reports, human-interest stories and public education resources are published on the site.

In the near future, we will be fostering Sexercise research collaboration between scientists, study participants and consumers via love2lose.com